Friday, May 16, 2008

.Hack Overload!!!!


This is a kind of stand-alone 4 part mini-series.
What I love about it, that is takes place entirely in the real world and only hints and glimpses the game world. Seemingly it is what is taking place in the real world while the original .Hack//signs series is coming to an end.
Way cool.

This is the second .Hack series called, .Hack//Twilite(among others).
Was a bit too cutsie for me, but it's a .Hack series so I watched it.

Almost done with .Hack//Roots,..the third series.
Thankfully, they took a more serious tone with this one.
There are PS2 games based on this series as well which I regretfully haven't played.

After this I get to watch,....

.hack//G.U. trilogy

This is a movie based on the series/games of Roots. It is full on 3D using toon shaded rendering.
Looks nice,..but there is a nice organic feel in the cel animated ones that this one lacks.

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