Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Class of Heroes

If you are a glutton for punishment and wanna get that ol'school rpg feeling, then pick up "Class of Heroes", by Atlus for the PSP.
The very simple, crisp graphics are contrasted by some pretty intense number crunching detail and stat watching.
I booted up, made a party, and foolishly skipped by tutorials or "Classes" to go hit the dungeon. Big mistake. I got annihilated. An when that happens, they mean busineses. You have to make a whole new party if you want to go back down and 'get' them! Or go back to a previously saved state or pay up for a rescue.

There is also an important crafting aspect called Alchemy( yeah,..we all know that word). I have yet to really get into the game as I am busy with Jeanne D'Arc at the moment...but it is inthe queue!

Jeanne D'Arc for the PsP

Jeanne d'arc is a great little game for the PsP. It is a strategic RPG, in the vein of FinalFantasy Tactics, meaning it is turn-based and also grid based like a chessboard. Not entirely new, I remember this sort of thing back on nintendo 8-bit, 'Shingen the Ruler'.
The gameplay is fun and addicting and the cut scenes are slick anime. Again, I am a sucker for medieval anime.
I am finding I have less and less time to play games these days so the PsP is a great alternative. Being able to jump in for a few quick battles to get my fix while commuting is great.